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    Tattoos Piercings & Supply is a tattoo shop with several tattoo artists on staff. We provide tattoo and piercing services of all kinds.
    We're also a tattoo supply store. Our selection of sterile needles and tattoo ink is perfect for your body piercing or tattoo shop.
    We'll help you create tattoo designs or work with the ideas you already have. Get in touch with us for tattoo services, including tattoo cover-up and more in Miami, FL.

Our Services

Body Piercing

Body piercing is an ancient practice that continues to this day. People use rings and other piercings to adorn themselves and show off their style.

Our body piercing shop offers many piercing types, and we have several piercers and tattoo artists on staff. Contact us at (410) 255-5141 for more details on our tattoo and piercing services!

Tattoo Supply Store

Our tattoo supply store has everything you need to do professional tattooing.

We carry a vast selection of tattoo ink colors and types, which is essential to tattoo work. We also have tattoo needles so you can keep things hygienic and switch them out between customers.

In addition to tattoo materials, we also carry piercing supplies, including needles and jewelry.

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Tattoo Cover-Up

It's not uncommon for people with many body tattoos to have one or two that they wish they could undo. Tattoos Piercings & Supply works with our customers to provide tattoo cover-up services.

We can help you create tattoo designs that will cover an existing tattoo. We take pride in being a tattoo shop where you can cover up old memories and bring new art to life instead. Contact us today to get started on your cover-up!

Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs are an excellent way to show off your personality. From portrait tattoos to cartoons and scripts, we can do a variety of styles.

Tattoos Piercings & Supply has tattoo artists wexcited to bring your ideas to life and execute them flawlessly. Contact our tattoo shop today to book an appointment in Pasadena, MD!



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